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Formations PIX4D

PIX4D trainings in Canada

Master PIX4D for precise and detailed results in your projects.

PIX4D training and certifications in Canada

Discover our PIX4D training courses at KoptR Image in Canada. Master PIX4D for precise, detailed results in your projects with our expertise in teaching drone data processing and 3D model generation with this leading software.

PIX4D online course

Study at your own pace

Take the course at your own pace and at the location of your choice.


Includes interactive videos, exercises and comprehensive documentation to help you follow along.

Lower costs

Affordable prices and no travel costs.



Collision reconstruction with PIX4Dmatic

PIX4Dmapper in depth

PIX4D certifications

Get Pix4D certified on essential photogrammetry concepts, including data acquisition, measurements, editing, and visualization tasks.

PIX4D workshops

Training with a face-to-face and online instructor.
Learn photogrammetry theory, best practices, and tips and tricks.

Complete our registration form or book a free information session with one of our experts.

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PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey Essentials Workshop

Collision reconstruction with PIX4Dmatic Workshop

PIX4Dmapper Essentials

in-depth workshop

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