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Corporate fleet management services in Canada

Efficient collection and management of flight data from your drone fleet

Optimizing flight operations with Airdata

Our enterprise fleet management service with Airdata offers a complete solution to optimize your airline operations. Using this simple yet powerful tool, you can efficiently capture and manage flight data for every aircraft in your fleet. Whether you need to track the performance of your pilots, monitor the health of your aircraft, or maintain compliance with flight regulations, Airdata gives you the functionality needed to manage all aspects of your fleet efficiently and profitable.

Why do I need this?

  1. A unique recording system for drones and pilots.

  2. The easiest way to manage flight data for your program.

  3. Leverage KoptR Image's expertise to maintain your fleet Stay in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

  4. Low cost for liability risk of not following directions correctly.

  5. Manage pilot workflow from flight preparation to post-flight

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