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Drone 3D model

3D modeling services by drone
in Canada

Precision 3D Modeling with KoptR Solutions

Creation of detailed 3D models for all your projects with our Drone solutions

With the principles of stereoscopy, the UAV allows us to reconstruct faithful 3D models. Whether creating a new structure on an existing surface, or adding to an existing building or even creating models for video games. 3D models created by UAV are increasingly used in architecture, hydrological planning, forestry planning and simulation. KoptR Solutions is able to help you better plan your projects, thus reducing unforeseen events.

Drone 3D model

Why use drones for
for 3D models?

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way we view the world, creating a growing demand for accurate reproductions of real places. With our expertise in 3D modeling by drone, KoptR Solutions offers you the possibility of modeling entire cities in record time, much faster than traditional methods. Our high-precision 3D models are indispensable for architecture, hydrological planning, forest management and simulation. Trust KoptR Solutions to optimize your project planning and eliminate unforeseen events thanks to our unrivaled 3D modeling solutions.

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