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PIX4Dmatic Essentials

Benchmark your skills and technical knowledge of drone mapping and photogrammetry with an industry-recognized certification

Certification  PIX4Dmatic Essentials

Enroll in the PIX4Dmatic certification

  • Study with the PIX4Dmatic Essentials online course, then take the PIX4Dmatic certification exam to get certified.

  • Learn critical PIX4Dmatic workflows for generating high-quality photogrammetry deliverables.

  • Apply best practices for capturing RGB imagery for drone and terrestrial mapping.

  • Validate your knowledge and demonstrate to your clients your commitment to continued learning.

The certification includes
  • Content in English
  • Theoretical exam
  • Temporary license
  • Unlimited access
  • Digital certificate


A computer that meets the minimum requirements.

A license for PIX4Dmatic. 

A Pix4D-adapted viDoc RTK rover device (not all viDoc RTK rover devices are compatible with PIX4Dcatch).

About the PIX4Dmatic Essentials online course

  • The online course will introduce you to critical PIX4Dmatic workflows.

  • You will learn best practices for capturing RGB images and creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing 2D and 3D representations of reality.

  • A series of hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to effectively work with PIX4Dmatic.

This course includes
  • Total course completion in 8 hours

  • On-demand videos in English

  • Subtitles in English

  • Quizzes in the language of the course

  • Workbook in the language of the course

  • Unlimited access

  • Certificate of completion

Course objectives

  • Learn the basics of RGB image capture and flight planning. 

  • Generate realistic and accurate 2D and 3D georeferenced representations of reality, including orthomosaic and 3D models.

  • Export the 2D and 3D deliverables. 

About the PIX4Dmatic Essentials certification exam

  • You will be tested on best practices and uses of PIX4Dmatic.

  • You will need to demonstrate comprehension of essential PIX4Dmatic concepts, including data acquisition, editing the processing options, and generating high-quality deliverables.

  • A certificate is provided to anyone who receives a passing grade, and it is compliant with most continuing education credit requirements.

This exam
  • Includes 60 multiple-choice questions (approx. two hours). There is no time limit.

  • Requires 80% to pass

  • Includes one attempt for the quiz

  • Gives you a digital certificate when you pass

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