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Online Basic Certification Course

Learn with our online courses and get certified!

Onine drone certification

About the Basic Certification Course

Online courses with exercises and preparatory mini-quizzes to enhance your learning and have more complete support to help you prepare for the exam. The course is modulated according to Transport Canada requirements

Course Details

  • Regulations

  • Weather report

  • Navigation

  • Cell and component of the drone, etc.

The course includes
  • Content in English

  • Course and exam

  • Temporary license

  • Unlimited access

  • Digital certificate

CAD $399


Windows operating system is required to process the datasets.

A computer that meets the minimum requirements.

Complete training

Learn with our comprehensive training courses and get certified!

Drone piloting training

About our basic training

The comprehensive basic training is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Our training is accompanied by practical exercises and preparatory mini-quizzes to strengthen your knowledge and prepare you effectively for the exam. In addition, we offer practical face-to-face courses to allow you to practically apply what you have learned online. The program is carefully structured to meet the strict requirements of Transport Canada, ensuring your complete and successful preparation.

Training details

This training includes everything necessary to be able to perform basic operations in complete safety. The complete theory will be seen with a trainer as well as 2 days of practice with a qualified instructor to practice emergency situations.

The course includes
  • basic course

  • 2 days practical with an instructor

  • Content in French

  • Course and exam

CAD $1798

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