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Control drone

Drone pilot school in Canada

Become a certified drone pilot

Koptimage offers drone pilot training services in Canada. Offering all levels of training for individuals and companies, we have tailor-made courses to help you become a professional drone pilot.

Controle de drone
Formation de pilote de drone


Online drone piloting courses to study at your own pace.


Specialized drone piloting workshops for all levels.


Integral drone piloting training. Complete courses with certification.

cours PIX4D

Authorized PIX4D trainer in Canada

Discover our PIX4D training programs at KoptR Image. Comprehensive courses to master the leader in drone data processing and 3D model generation.

Drone services and solutions for businesses

KoptR Solutions offers specialized drone services in Canada. Tailored solutions for your business, whether you are looking for aerial surveillance services, technical inspections, mapping or other commercial applications, our company is here to meet your specific drone needs.

Drone Agriculture

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