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KoptR Image was created in August 2012, the result of the shared vision of four pioneers. These precursors were among the first to anticipate the immense potential that the drone era had in store for future operators and cameramen. It is in this context that KoptR Image established its headquarters at Beloeil airport, thus becoming the first Quebec center dedicated to the training of light drone pilots.

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Our journey

Over the years, KoptR Image has continued to consolidate its position in the field. Today, our center is recognized as a benchmark of excellence in Quebec. This reputation stems from our in-depth training, emphasizing solid theoretical foundations, the acquisition of a safe methodology, the perfecting of piloting skills, and above all, the priority given to a controlled attitude, particularly in the event of an emergency.

The key to our success? It is simple, but it defines what sets us apart: generosity. Instead of keeping our know-how to ourselves, we firmly believe in sharing it. This is why our students benefit from the expertise of KoptR Solutions, our subsidiary dedicated to service contracts. This transmission of knowledge reflects our desire to see each of our students flourish in the field.

Join us and be the next KoptR Image success story.

Our philosophy

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