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KoptR Solutions crosses the sky, with its UAVs, to serve professionals and industries since 2012. Coming from the worlds of aviation, television production and agriculture, KoptR Solutions uses a rich know-how to help its customers to enhance their brand image, save time or maximize their operations, using secure and modern solutions.

Our success? Dedicated employees, experienced pilots, talented cameramen, reliable aircraft as well as a wide range of cameras (night vision, thermal, multispectral, LIDOR, RAW). And we get to where you need us, without delay, thanks to rapid coordination with Transport Canada.


Our certification, allowing us to fly anywhere in Quebec, our vast network of resources in the fields of surveying, volumetry, precision agriculture and military operations, make KoptR Solutions a partner of choice for providing aerial solutions. to your most down to earth operations.


Would you like to integrate the drone into your business, but don't know where to start? We will be happy to accompany you in all stages ...

Koptr - Consulting

The calculation of volumes is now becoming spectacularly simple with aerial imagery by UAV. It is now possible to obtain volumes of piles, extraction, storage with a single click ...


Detect problems before they even impact your performance! Whether by multispectral or conventional imaging, UAVs provide a rapid and effective response to agricultural problems, without adding to soil compaction ...

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