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About: Headliner

KoptR Image was created in August 2012 from a vision shared by four pioneers who were the first to understand how promising the future was for drone operators. Located at Beloeil airport, KoptR image became the very first Quebec center to specialize in the training of light drone pilots.

Since then, our center has continued to consolidate its reputation for excellence, becoming a benchmark in Quebec thanks to training that emphasizes solid theoretical knowledge, the acquisition of a safe work methodology, the development of advanced in-flight skills. and, most of all, the acquisition of an adequate attitude, of self-control in an emergency situation

In addition to the light drone pilot course that made it famous, KoptR image now trains photogrammetric pilots, firefighters, police officers, researchers, surveyors, agronomists, as well as professional aerial imagery cameramen.


The key to KoptImage's success is not rocket science. But at the same time it sets our school apart from its competitors: a generous attitude that our students benefit from the expertise that KoptR Solutions - our subsidiary specializing in service contracts - rather than jealously guarding this knowledge for ourselves.

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