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Do I need a certification?

Transport Canada does not request certification when using drones weighing less than 250g. However, you must fly with caution, as you are at all times responsible for your drone and any damage caused by it.

Transport Canada further regulates the piloting of light drones (250 gr to 25 kg) in Canada. Among the novelties of these regulations, Transport Canada requires that aspiring pilots first obtain a certificate for basic or advanced operations, and the registration of their drone, before they can legally fly in Canadian airspace.

Why do I need to have advanced certification?

If your goal is to fly a drone in controlled airspace and close to people, it is essential to complete the Advanced Operation Online Exam as well as a Flight Review with a person qualified under section 901.82. It is essential to use a RPAS declared as compliant by the manufacturer. The skills update should be done every 24 months. Registration of the drone is mandatory and is done on the Transport Canada site at a cost of $ 5.

Why should I take training with KoptR Image?

The Transport Canada Advanced Operation Certification Exam consists of 50 questions in 60 minutes and the pass mark is 80%. It is very difficult and requires a very in-depth knowledge of aeronautical concepts. Our training brings together all the concepts necessary for taking the exam in addition to providing you with an extremely comprehensive manual that you can use as a reference during your certification. Our methodology is proven and allows you to pass your exam faster than if you study on your own.

In addition, the KoptR Image team supports you throughout the process.

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